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Monthly Archives: October 2020


Do I Need to Worry About the Statute of Limitations If I Am Filing an Insurance Claim?

By The Strickland Firm |

When you are involved in a car accident in Georgia, regardless of the severity of the crash, your first step will likely be to file an auto insurance claim. As you may already know, Georgia is a fault state when it comes to auto insurance law. Accordingly, you will likely have the option of… Read More »

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Common Car Accident Injuries

By The Strickland Firm |

Although nobody wants to think about the risks associated with a car crash in Georgia, it is important to remember that motor vehicle collisions—regardless of speed or location—can result in severe and debilitating injuries. While you may be able to obtain financial compensation for minor injuries from which you are likely to recover quickly,… Read More »

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Concussions Can Lead to Increased Car Accident Risks

By The Strickland Firm |

If you think about concussions in relation to car accidents, you are probably thinking about the ways in which motor vehicle crashes can result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Certainly, traffic collisions are a leading cause of TBIs and other types of head trauma, At the same time, it is important to know that—regardless… Read More »

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Forward-Collision Warning Systems Prevent Collisions

By The Strickland Firm |

Large trucks are involved in trucking collisions with smaller automobiles much too frequently, resulting in serious and fatal car accidents. Given that large trucks weigh so much more than passenger vehicles, and that they have a much higher clearance, crashes involving smaller passenger vehicles often lead to deadly injuries among the passenger vehicle occupants…. Read More »

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