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Monthly Archives: September 2021


The Difference Between Lost Income And Loss Of Earning Capacity

By The Strickland Firm |

Accidents happen in an instant and when they do, victims are left with severe injuries. When an accident was due to the negligent actions or inaction of another person, you can file a claim against them to recover compensation for your losses. Many people understand that they can claim damages such as their medical… Read More »

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How To Avoid An Intersection Accident

By The Strickland Firm |

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the majority of traffic accidents, 40 percent in fact, occur at intersections. Although that is an alarming number, it is even more startling that 96 percent of these accidents are preventable. So, why do so many accidents occur at intersections, and how can you prevent… Read More »

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Things You Should Never Say After A Car Accident

By The Strickland Firm |

Car accidents are extremely common in Marietta. Due to the fact that any careless act can result in a car crash at any time, it is important that all motorists know what steps to take after a car accident. However, it is just as important to know what not to do, and particularly what… Read More »

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Understanding Your Options After An Accident With A Hit-And-Run Driver

By The Strickland Firm |

In Marietta, as throughout the rest of Georgia, failing to stop after an auto accident is a crime. The offense becomes even more serious if someone was seriously injured or killed as a result of the crash. If you have been hurt by a hit-and-run driver, you are at great risk of not being… Read More »

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