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Marietta Foreclosure Attorney

At The Strickland Firm, our Georgia foreclosure lawyer provides reliable and results-driven legal representation to clients. We help homeowners fight unfair foreclosures and we represent them in all other disputes with their mortgage lender. If you or your loved one is facing foreclosure, our legal team can help. To set up a free, no commitment consultation with an experienced Marietta foreclosure attorney, please call us at 1-844-GAJUSTICE or reach out to us directly online.

Foreclosure in Georgia: What Homeowners Need to Know

Most Homeowners are Entitled to a 120 Pre-Foreclosure Period

With limited exceptions, federal law provides homeowners in Georgia with 120 days of pre-foreclosure protections. In other words, a mortgage lender cannot begin the foreclosure process until the borrower is delinquent by at least 120 days. During the pre-foreclosure process, homeowners generally have more options available. 

Georgia is a Non-Judicial Foreclosure State

As Georgia is a non-judicial foreclosure, a mortgage lender (typically) does not need a court order to foreclose on a property. Instead, mortgage loans include a “power of sale” provision that pre-authorizes a non-judicial foreclosure sale. The effect of this is that the foreclosure process can move quickly once it gets started. 

You Have a Right to Notice of Foreclosure

To be clear, all homeowners in Georgia have a right to notice of foreclosure. The mortgage lender must provide a Notice of Intent to Foreclose at least 30 days before any sale.

How to Stop Foreclosure in Georgia

If you believe that the lender is preparing to foreclose on your home or if you have already received a foreclosure notice, you need to take immediate action to protect your rights. The sooner you address this issue, the better your chances of halting the foreclosure process. Depending on the specific nature of your case, you may be able to cure the default, obtain a loan modification, or challenge the foreclosure.

Why Trust With Georgia Foreclosure Attorney Ryan T. Strickland

Ryan T. Strickland is an experienced Marietta, GA foreclosure attorney. With a focus on representing individual homeowners and property owners, we know how to go up against the big mortgage lenders. When you reach out to our law office, you will speak to a lawyer who is ready to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your foreclosure case;
  • Answer your questions and explain your options;
  • Investigate the matter—gathering important documents, records, and evidence; and
  • Take the appropriate legal action to protect your rights and help you save your home.

No two mortgage foreclosure cases as exactly alike. Our Georgia foreclosure attorney will put in the time, energy, and resources needed to give you and your family the high quality, personalized representation that you deserve. 

Contact Our Experienced Marietta Foreclosure Attorneys Today

At The Strickland Firm, our Marietta foreclosure attorney knows how to hold large financial institutions accountable. If your home or business is facing foreclosure, you need professional representation. We will protect your rights.

To request a free, confidential consultation, please contact our law firm toll free at 1-844-GAJUSTICE or locally at 770-420-9900. With an office in Marietta, we serve communities throughout the region, including in Cobb County, Fulton County, DeKalb County, Douglas County, and Paulding County.

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