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Monthly Archives: January 2021


5 Things to Know About Drugged Driving

By The Strickland Firm |

Most drivers have a clear understanding of the risks associated with alcohol-impaired driving, there is often less discussion of drugged driving in Georgia and throughout the country. While impaired driving crashes certainly can and do result from alcohol consumption before a motorist gets behind the wheel of a car, impaired driving collisions can also… Read More »

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Shorter Car Trips May Involve More Accidents

By The Strickland Firm |

When are car accidents most likely to happen? For years, researchers have investigated the time of day that motor vehicle collisions are most likely to occur, and whether certain days of the week are more dangerous than others when it comes to traffic crashes. Holidays and holiday weekends have also been studied for accident… Read More »

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How Motorcycle Damages Can Be Impacted by Comparative Fault

By The Strickland Firm |

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident and you believe the driver of an automobile was at fault, it can be devastating to learn that the at-fault driver is trying to argue that your damages award should be reduced or barred due to comparative fault. However, comparative fault is a relatively common defense… Read More »

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