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Category Archives: Truck Accidents


What Makes Trucking Accidents In Marietta Different From Car Crashes?

By The Strickland Firm |

It is natural to assume that truck accidents are no different from car crashes on the road, but that is not true. Navigating the aftermath of a truck accident is extremely complex, and when filing a claim, you will find that there are many differences. Below are the main ways in which truck accidents… Read More »

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FAQs About Commercial Truck Accidents In Marietta

By The Strickland Firm |

All auto accidents on the road are stressful and confusing, but those that involve commercial trucks are even more complex. Truck accidents cause some of the most serious injuries and as injured individuals try to recover, they often have many questions. How can they recover compensation to help pay their medical bills, and how… Read More »

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Forward-Collision Warning Systems Prevent Collisions

By The Strickland Firm |

Large trucks are involved in trucking collisions with smaller automobiles much too frequently, resulting in serious and fatal car accidents. Given that large trucks weigh so much more than passenger vehicles, and that they have a much higher clearance, crashes involving smaller passenger vehicles often lead to deadly injuries among the passenger vehicle occupants…. Read More »

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How Do I Seek Compensation After a Truck Accident?

By The Strickland Firm |

Large truck accidents can result in serious and debilitating injuries, especially when occupants of smaller passenger vehicles are involved. If the truck driver was at fault for the crash, or if the truck caused the collision, is it important to begin working with a Marietta truck accident attorney as soon as possible to learn… Read More »

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