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What Makes Trucking Accidents In Marietta Different From Car Crashes?


It is natural to assume that truck accidents are no different from car crashes on the road, but that is not true. Navigating the aftermath of a truck accident is extremely complex, and when filing a claim, you will find that there are many differences. Below are the main ways in which truck accidents differ from other traffic collisions, and why you need an experienced Marietta truck accident lawyer on your side.

Different Laws Govern Truck Accident Claims

Accidents involving passenger vehicles are generally only governed by state law. Truck accidents though, are governed by both state and federal law. For example, under Georgia law, if you want to claim damages after a crash, you must file a claim against the negligent party. This remains true after a truck accident, as well. However, federal law may also apply, such as if the truck driver violated the hours of service rule. It is critical that you work with a Marietta truck accident lawyer that knows these laws, and how they apply to your case.

Injuries are More Severe

Trucks are extremely large and heavy and when they collide with a vehicle that is significantly smaller, it results in catastrophic injuries. While a crash involving two passenger cars can result in very serious injuries, it is much rarer. After an accident involving a tractor trailer, occupants in smaller vehicles often suffer from traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and more.

Multiple Liable Parties

When two drivers of passenger vehicles are in a crash, one of the drivers is generally considered at fault for the accident. In a truck accident though, many parties may be liable for the crash.

The truck driver may have acted negligently, which resulted in a collision. Or, the trucking company may not have had proper hiring or training practices, which resulted in an inexperienced and incapable driver on the roads. If a third party, such as a loading or maintenance company, did not provide the required standard of care, they can also be found liable for paying damages. It is important to work with a qualified truck accident lawyer that can identify the liable party.

Trucking Companies are Aggressive

Trucking companies, their insurance companies, and the lawyers that defend against large claims for damages are very aggressive. They will try to use your words against you, shift blame for the accident to you, and engage in other tactics to avoid paying the compensation you need. A lawyer will know how to go up against these companies and prove your claim so you recover the fair settlement you will need during your recovery.

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