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Category Archives: Drunk Driving


5 Things to Know About Drugged Driving

By The Strickland Firm |

Most drivers have a clear understanding of the risks associated with alcohol-impaired driving, there is often less discussion of drugged driving in Georgia and throughout the country. While impaired driving crashes certainly can and do result from alcohol consumption before a motorist gets behind the wheel of a car, impaired driving collisions can also… Read More »

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Can Comparative Fault Affect a Drunk Driving Accident Case?

By The Strickland Firm |

Were you recently injured in a Georgia car accident caused by a drunk driver? These kinds of crashes can be devastating due to their severity and the knowledge that the collision was absolutely preventable. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 3,700 people died in drunk driving crashes in… Read More »

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5 Things to Know if You Are Injured By an Impaired Driver

By The Strickland Firm |

Nobody gets behind the wheel of their car or truck with the expectation that they could be seriously injured in a collision involving a drunk or intoxicated driver. Yet drunk driving happens relatively often in Georgia, and Marietta residents can sustain debilitating and fatal injuries if they are struck by an intoxicated driver. Cobb… Read More »

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Suing A Drunk Driver In Civil Court

By The Strickland Firm |

When most people think of a drunk driving accident, they think of a criminal case, because drunk driving is, in fact, a crime. However, it is possible for a victim to bring suit against a drunk driver in civil court as well, seeking money damages. Enlisting an experienced attorney to help prepare your case… Read More »

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