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Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Ryan Strickland has nearly 10 years of experience successfully advocating on behalf of personal injury victims.  He began his career resenting insurance companies, which gives him unique insight for asserting the claims of personal injury victims.

If you have suffered a personal injury because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you might be wondering:

  • How will you pay your medical bills?
  • Where will the income you need to support your family come from?
  • Will the careless or negligent individual be held accountable for their actions?
  • What if you were partly responsible for the accident?
  • What if the police office gave you a ticket?

If you are searching for the answers to these questions, Attorney Ryan Strickland can help.  He is a personal injury attorney in Marietta who offers a free consultation and charges on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay if your case is settled or won.  Contact him at (770) 420-9900 or by using his online form.

Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights

Unfortunately, the companies that insure the careless or negligent driver who caused your injuries are looking to minimize what they pay you to settle your claim.  If you are contacted by their insurance company, don’t speak with them.  They are attempting to settle your case for as little as possible (regardless of how severe your injuries) or to get you to make statements that may make your case impossible to win.

As a personal injury lawyer in Marietta, Ryan Strickland works tirelessly to help you achieve the outcome you deserve.  He’s successfully handled every imaginable type of case, ranging from slip-and-fall cases to devastating catastrophic injury and wrongful death suits.  His clients enjoy the fact their cases are settled or won for amounts at or above what they were seeking.  Others enjoy the fact their case was resolved much faster than expected.

If you believe you would benefit from the services of a Marietta personal injury attorney like Ryan Strickland, contact him at (770) 420-9900 or by using this online form. Recently, he recovered $150,000 for a client’s broken finger and $450,000 for another client’s severe internal injuries.  He’s also been involved in a number of successful million-dollar lawsuits in the past, involving permanent injury, brain injury, paralysis, and wrongful death.

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