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Experienced Marietta Truck Accident Attorney

With nearly 10 years of experience helping clients in a full range of cases, Marietta truck accident Attorney Ryan Strickland possesses the legal skills to help you receive maximum compensation for your physical injuries and damages. As a member of the State Bar of Georgia, he’s also been appointed as a mentor for beginning personal injury attorneys.

He’s helped clients win a full array of cases, ranging from minor incidents to severe accidents resulting in severe physical injury, permanent physical injury, and even wrongful death. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you might be wondering:

  • How will you pay your medical bills?
  • What will you rely on for income while you recover from your injuries?
  • Can the responsible parties be held accountable for their actions?

Mr. Strickland can help you find the answers to all of these questions. His goal is to provide compassionate legal counsel to each and every client. If you believe you have a valid truck accident suit, contact Marietta truck accident lawyer Ryan Strickland at (678) 909-2530 or use this online form.

Tirelessly Working on Your Behalf

For the layman, any legal process is overwhelming. If you are considering pursuing your case in court, Attorney Strickland can provide you with the direction you need to receive a fair legal outcome. He used to work for insurance companies, so he possesses a unique form of insight for helping you resolve your case with them.

As a Marietta truck accident attorney, he’s had the opportunity to help many of his clients settle or win their cases at or above the amounts they were initially pursuing. Many other cases were resolved much faster than his clients were expecting.

If you need the help of a truck accident lawyer in Marietta, then please let Mr. Strickland know how he can be of service. He offers free consultations, and you only pay if your case is settled or won. Contact him at (678) 909-2530 or by using the online contact form.

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