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Marietta Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, when another careless or negligent driver harms you in an accident, they rarely want to take responsibility for their actions.  At times, it’s the responsible driver’s insurance company that won’t accept responsibility.  While this is beyond frustrating, you don’t have to take it, and Marietta accident lawyer Ryan Strickland can help you receive the maximum legal compensation to which you are entitled.

As an experienced accident lawyer in Marietta, Mr. Strickland has the ability to help you answer difficult questions you are currently facing, such as:

  • How are you going to pay your medical bills?
  • Will you be able to replace your income as you recover from your injuries?
  • Can you hold the person(s) causing your injuries accountable for their actions?
  • What if you were partly responsible for the accident?
  • What if the police office gave you a ticket?
  • Do you have a case that can be settled or won in court?

Attorney Strickland has nearly 10 years of experience successfully helping thousands of accident victims like you receive the just compensation they deserve.  For a free consultation with Mr. Strickland, an accident attorney in Marietta, call him at (770) 420-9900 or use this online form.

Providing Valuable Insights That Strengthen Your Case

Ryan Strickland’s past experience includes defending auto and trucking insurance companies, which gives him unique insight and expertise regarding both sides of various accident cases.  As a result, he has a much stronger ability than the typical Marietta accident lawyer to defend your case.

Many of his clients have been excited that their cases were settled or won at or above the amounts they were seeking.  Others appreciated the fact their cases were resolved faster than they expected.

Attorney Strickland offers free consultations to discuss the details of your case, and you only pay fees when your case is settled or won.  If you believe you have a valid case, contact Marietta accident lawyer Ryan Strickland at (770) 420-9900, or use this online contact form.

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