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Four Tips For Avoiding A Motorcycle Accident


Most drivers in Marietta take great care to keep everyone around them safe while they are driving on the roads. Sometimes though, inexperience or negligence can cause a driver to hit a motorcycle. This is often a tragic situation. Motorcyclists have very little protection when they are on their bike. What may be considered a minor accident when two passenger cars are involved can turn catastrophic when a motorcyclist is involved.

Negligent drivers can be held liable for paying damages, and no one wants anyone else to get hurt when they are on the road. For these reasons, it is important that all motorists in Georgia follow the four tips below to keep everyone safe.

Give Bikers Plenty of Space

For those that do not operate motorcycles, it is sometimes difficult to determine how fast a motorcyclist is going, and even how close they are to a bike. Other drivers have been known to tailgate bikers because they were not aware of how close they were. Rear-end accidents are very serious when a motorcycle is involved and will result in some of the most severe injuries. Always give cyclists plenty of space and when in doubt, err on the side of caution and give more, not less.

Avoid Dooring

Dooring is considered an act of negligence and occurs when a car is parked, usually on a busy street. Drivers open the door of their vehicle into the oncoming path of a motorcyclist and the biker hits the door. Dooring will also result in some of the most serious injuries. To prevent this from happening, always look over your shoulder before you open the door and ensure the way is clear.

Keep Radio Volume Reasonable

Anyone that has shared a road with a motorcycle knows that often, you can hear them coming before you see them. Some motorcycles are quite loud and you may be able to hear them approaching if you keep the radio volume at a reasonable level. Also try to ask rowdy passengers to settle down, and do not have any other distractions, such as your phone, nearby.

Remain Particularly Aware at Intersections

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk when they are at an intersection. These crashes most often occur when a driver wants to turn left and a motorcycle is approaching in oncoming traffic. The driver will check to make sure the way is clear, and not see the biker, striking them as they turn. Always be aware of the increased risk all intersections pose, and proceed with caution in these areas.

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Motorcycle crashes are very serious and at The Strickland Firm, our Marietta motorcycle accident lawyers can help you file a claim for the compensation you need. The time after an accident is extremely difficult, but we will handle every aspect of your claim so you can place your full focus on your recovery. Call us today at 1-844-GAJUSTICE or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about your legal options.

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