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Top Four Causes Of Truck Accidents


Of all the accidents that happen on Marietta’s roads, truck accidents make up a large percentage of injuries and fatalities. Trucks are much larger than passenger vehicles and so, when they are involved in a crash, it is typically those in the smaller vehicle that sustain the worst injuries. These collisions occur for a number of reasons, but some causes are more common than others. The top four causes of truck accidents are listed below.

Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers work very long hours and they are under immense pressure to deliver their cargo on time. As a result, they often become very tired behind the wheel, which is extremely dangerous. To prevent accidents caused by fatigued driving, the federal government has imposed the hours of service rule, which regulates how long truckers can remain on the road. Unfortunately, truckers do not always abide by these rules, and trucking companies have even been known to offer incentives to drivers that stay on the road for longer periods of time.

Improperly Loaded Trucks

Each type of truck has specific weight limits for carrying cargo. Trucks that are overloaded may not be able to slow down and come to a full stop in time, which can cause a serious crash. Additionally, when trucks are not loaded properly, the cargo can shift during transport. Even when a truck is under the weight limit in this situation, the shift can throw the entire truck off balance, causing the driver to lose control of it. Trucks that are not loaded properly can shed their load, overturn, or jack-knife, all of which will have very serious consequences.


Trucks are extremely large and heavy, and they take much longer to slow down than smaller passenger vehicles. When a truck driver travels over the posted speed limit, the vehicle will take even longer to slow down and stop. A truck driver may not be able to stop the vehicle before they crash into another vehicle, causing a serious accident that could result in serious injuries or fatalities.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers face many distractions while they are on the road. They may talk or text on their cell phone, talk to other drivers using the CB radio, or use the systems in their vehicle. While some of these distractions, such as working the controls in the truck, are necessary, truckers are still required to focus on the road and make sure they do not become distracted so they do not cause a crash. Unfortunately, truckers do become distracted and when combined with other factors, such as fatigue, it is even more dangerous.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Marietta Can Help After a Crash

When a truck accident is caused by any of the negligent actions above, or any other, you can file a claim to recover damages, but you should not do it on your own. At The Strickland Firm, our Marietta personal injury lawyer can prove your case and help you claim the full settlement you deserve. Call us today at 1-844-GAJUSTICE or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.


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