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How To Avoid An Intersection Accident


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the majority of traffic accidents, 40 percent in fact, occur at intersections. Although that is an alarming number, it is even more startling that 96 percent of these accidents are preventable. So, why do so many accidents occur at intersections, and how can you prevent one from happening? It is important to know the answers to these questions so you are not found liable for a crash.

Why Do So Many Accidents Happen at Intersections?

Like so many other traffic collisions, accidents happen at intersections for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Crowded streets: Intersections are places where people and their vehicles gather. Any time areas become more congested, a crash is more likely to happen.
  • Distracted driving: Too many people stare at their phones while behind the wheel rather than the road in front of them, and they do this at intersections, too.
  • Illegal maneuvers: Many intersections have signs posted pertaining to illegal turns and other instructions. Unfortunately, not everyone looks for these signs, or complies with them even when they do.
  • Poor judgment: Accidents often happen at intersections because people think they can ‘beat the light,’ or they misjudge the speed another vehicle is traveling at.
  • Failure to use traffic signals: Drivers make a lot of turns and different maneuvers at intersections, but they do not always let other motorists know what they are doing, which can cause a crash.

Due to the high rate of accidents at intersections, it is important to know how to prevent yourself from becoming involved in one.

Preventing Intersection Accidents

It is important to know how to prevent intersection accidents not only for your own safety and well-being, but also so you are not found negligent and liable for paying damages. The best tips to keep in mind to avoid a crash are as follows:

  • Avoid tailgating: Drivers are more likely to stop short when they are at an intersection, so it is important to leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Also, if you do run into someone from behind, there is a chance you could push them into the intersection, which will cause a more serious accident.
  • Remain alert: There is a lot that happens at intersections. You must remain alert and be on the lookout for pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, and more.
  • Do not run lights: It is common for some people to speed up when they approach a yellow light, but it is important that you do not do this. Another motorist or pedestrian may be approaching from another direction, and you could cause a very serious crash.
  • Remain cautious: Even after the light turns green, it is important to proceed with caution. Other drivers may be trying to beat a light, or they may simply just run a red light. Go slowly and remain vigilant as you move through the intersection.

Although you cannot prevent another driver from acting negligently, you can avoid negligent actions yourself.

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