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Safety Tips For Using Roundabouts In Cobb County


Did you know that there are almost a dozen roundabouts in Cobb County, and several more are currently under construction? A roundabout is a circular junction or intersection in which traffic flows in one direction only around an island in the center. Research has shown that roundabouts are safer than traditional intersections that require four-way stops and reduce traffic accidents by as much as 75 percent.

Still, many drivers are unsure of how to use roundabouts safely, and serious crashes can still occur. To ensure that you know how to use them safely, our personal injury lawyer in Cobb County has outlined several tips below.

Slow Down

Speeding is always a risky driving behavior, but it becomes even more dangerous when you are in a roundabout. As you approach a roundabout, make sure you slow down, look at your surroundings, and watch for pedestrians, just as you would at any other intersection. Also maintain the speed limit while you are using the roundabout.

Yield to Roundabout Traffic

The traffic that is already in the roundabout as you approach or enter it is generally thought to have the right-of-way. This means you must yield to them so again, slow down and allow the traffic within the circle to move before you enter.

Pick a Lane

One of the most common causes of roundabout accidents is that drivers do not always know which lane they should be in. If you are turning right, stay in the right lane and likewise, remain in the left lane if you will have to make a left turn from the roundabout. If you are traveling straight, you can choose any lane you wish, but do not move from the lane until you are no longer in the roundabout.

Stay a Safe Distance Behind Trucks

Commercial trucks are much larger than other vehicles, and they require more room on the road, particularly when they are making a turn. Regardless of whether a truck is turning left or right from a roundabout, they will likely use both lanes to do so. Remain a safe distance behind any truck in a roundabout to avoid a serious crash.

Never Stop

Unless there is an emergency, such as a traffic collision that occurred right in front of you, you should never stop your vehicle while still in a roundabout. The purpose of a roundabout is to keep traffic moving, and that is what motorists are expecting when they use them. If you stop suddenly, particularly without reason, you could be found liable for any accident that occurs as a result.

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