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What You Should Know About Documenting the Scene of a Car Accident


When you are involved in a traffic collision in Georgia or anywhere else, it is critical to do what you can to document the scene of the accident. But what does it mean to document the scene of the collision? And what type of information will you need to gather, and why should you have to be the one who documents the area where the crash happened? These are important questions, and we want to provide you with information that can help you as you get ready to find a car accident lawyer in Georgia who can assist with your case.

Details from the Accident Scene Can Be Lost 

Documenting the scene of a car accident, especially when you believe another driver was at fault for the collision, is critical for your case. If you do not document the scene, important details could be lost, from information about skid marks in the road to specific details about physical injuries and property damage. Moreover, particular information about the spot where the collision initially happened and where the vehicles ultimately ended up may be essential for reconstructing the scene and demonstrating the speed at which you and the other driver were traveling and how the wreck happened. None of this information may be available if you do not make sure to gather detailed information in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

You Should Never Assume That You Will Remember the Details 

You should never rely on just your memory for the details of the car accident and the scene where the collision occurred. Car crashes are jarring and startling events, and even if you do not feel as though you have been shaken by the incident, accidents can be more traumatizing than you might think. Accordingly, your memory can be faulty, and you certainly can forget one or more key details if you do not record and document them in the aftermath of the crash.

There Are Multiple Ways to Document an Accident Scene 

Most frequently, the best way to document an accident scene is to take photographs. Certainly, your smart phone can be an essential tool in documenting the scene of a motor vehicle collision, and you should take photographs from multiple angles and distances so that an accident reconstruction expert can make use of your photos later on when you file a claim for compensation. The Insurance Information Institute (III) emphasizes that smart phones have become extremely important for documenting information after a collision.

Yet there are other ways to document an accident scene, as well. You can jot down your perceptions at the scene, including your immediate recollections of what happened just before the accident and how the crash occurred. You can also use a voice recorder function to take audio recordings of any conversations you have at the scene of the collision, as well as video recordings. Georgia is a one-party consent state, which means that you may not need to obtain consent from other parties to conduct audio or video recordings. Your attorney may be able to use any recordings later on to develop a strategy for your case.

Contact a Marietta Car Crash Lawyer 

If you need assistance with a claim after a motor vehicle collision, one of the experienced Marietta car accident lawyers at our firm can assist you. From crashes involving trucks and motorcycles to those involving rideshare drivers, our team is here to help. Contact The Strickland Firm today for more information.


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