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Car Accident Risks in Hot Weather


The winter weather around Marietta does not regularly result in icy roads or risks of driving in sleet or a wintry mix, but inclement weather can happen in the winter months. Typically, drivers assume that the rest of the months of the year are relatively safe when it comes to serious car accident risks caused by inclement weather or seasonal issues. Yet motor vehicle collisions do happen during warm weather. Some of the accident hazards concern the actual temperature outside and risks associated with hot weather, while other hazards relate to activities that are common in summer months and can increase the risk of a serious auto accident. The following are car accident risks in hot weather that Travelers Insurance points out, and you should consider them while driving in the summer, early fall, and spring.

Increased Road Construction 

Road construction work often gets planned during the summer months. Accordingly, any kind of highway driveway could mean that you are more likely to go through construction work zones where construction workers are near traffic and speeds are reduced significantly. It is critical to slow down in construction work zones on highways, although other drivers may disobey the traffic laws. Increased construction work on highways often results in an increase in traffic fatalities during the summer. 

More Motorcyclists on the Roads 

Spring, summer, and fall are all seasons in which more motorcyclists are on the roads. If you drive an automobile, it is extremely important to be aware of motorcyclists, and to keep an eye out in your blind spots before you change lanes. When there are a greater number of motorcyclists on the roads, there is also a higher possibility of a collision involving a car and a motorcyclist. 

Heat-Related Vehicle Risks 

Cars can be at greater risk of certain problems when it is hot outside. Most notably, tire blowouts tend to happen with more frequency in extremely warm weather (especially the type of summer weather that is common in Georgia), and engine overheating can also be more likely to occur. You can avoid heat-related vehicle risks by ensuring that your car undergoes routine maintenance with a qualified mechanic. 

Pedestrians at Night 

When the weather is warmer, more pedestrians are often outside walking on neighborhood roads. While it is critical to be on the lookout for pedestrians anytime you are driving in a residential area, it is particularly important to be cautious when you are driving after dark. It can be difficult to spot pedestrians who are wearing dark-colored clothing. 

Drowsy Driving on a Summer Road Trip 

Drowsy driving is a risk regardless of the season, but many families take summer trips. Be aware of drowsy driving risks so that you can avoid them. 

Contact a Marietta Auto Accident Lawyer 

Were you injured in a car crash caused by another driver? Whether the accident occurred as a result of the heat or because another driver was being negligent, it may be possible to file a claim. And if another driver was responsible for the crash, you could be eligible to file a car accident lawsuit with assistance from a Marietta car accident lawyer at our firm. Contact The Strickland Firm to learn more about how we can assist you with your car accident claim.


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